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Blog Tour: Water's Blood by Elaine Calloway [Review + Giveaway]

Today I bring you another blog tour, this time hosting a Virtual Book Tour stop for Water's Blood. 
Hope you all enjoy it!

Title: Water’s Blood
Author: Elaine Calloway
Published: The Writers Canvas, LLC

Nature’s Elementals—Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water—have lived for countless millennia. Disguised as humans, they are charged with one mission: protect the innocent from fallen angel clans, who reap human souls and force them to do their bidding.
Brooke, a Water Elemental stationed in New Orleans, broke the rules once—she mated with a human. For her indiscretion, she is forbidden to share a life with her loved ones: NOPD officer Alex and their half-breed daughter, Ella.
Now Ella is about to turn sixteen, and the local clan of fallen angels is determined to snare her soul by Halloween.
Brooke broke the rules once by allowing love to interfere with her mission. Now she and Alex must put consequences aside to break the rules again—if they wish to save their daughter’s soul.

This book has one of the most beautiful, electric and appealing covers I’ve ever seen—that’s for sure! And that was one of the reasons, probably the main reason actually, why I decided to go ahead and read it—in the end, was it a wise, great, flawless choice? No, possibly not, but there were elements in this story that somehow stood out and that, for now, is, was, enough for me.

Being a first book in a series, a lot of things had necessarily to be explained, and that took time. It is true that the reader stumbles in this crazy world where Fallen Angels haunt humans and humans coexist with Elementals, and that the initial pace of the book is relatively slow—which makes everything a bit confusing—, but once you seriously get into the story and understand a little bit of what’s happening and why is happening, the whole plot starts making sense and the reading process gains enthusiasm and speed.
Brooke is a very steady character. Her gift is unbelievable and the adoration and sorrow she feels for what was taken away from her, due to a mistake on her behalf, is the one thing that truly captivates the reader. She’s strong but delicate, passionate but modest, and, above all, she does everything in her power, even when that means for her to stay away, to give the very best to her daughter, Ella. The relationship she and Alex share is so overwhelming and emotional. Everything is felt from the heart and the reader can’t stop himself to feel compassionate for her because of what both can not have but desperately want to live, experience together.

Another cool aspect of Water’s Blood relies on the second POV the author offers to readers. This might sound a bit weird, but Soren is an awesome character. He is peculiar, charismatic and totally the kind of figure you love to hate. And to be able to perceive his actions and desires in the first person was absolutely amazing, ‘cause he is the evil villain who will do everything to achieve what he wants.
The supernatural side of this book is another kick-ass characteristic with a certain uniqueness that captivates the readers’ attention. All the Elementals are extraordinarily special and out of the ordinary but at the same time, they all have limitations and because they are not invincible and indestructible that makes them even more human.
Sadly, I did found this book to be a little too long. For all the things were left unexplained, I was hoping to get more answers and more mysteries solved. Yes, this is just a first book in a series, I know, but in a more particular level, I was eagerly expecting more. Overall, it was a satisfying reading that did not start in the best of ways, but that somehow showed enough distinctive aspects to sustain “herself”.

About the author:
Elaine Calloway is originally from New Orleans and can still do a decent Cajun accent upon request. She is currently writing the Elemental Clan Series, a series of paranormal tales set in iconic cities such as New Orleans. Book Two, Raging Fire, will be released summer 2013. 

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The Writers Canvas, Author Elaine Calloway disse...

Thanks for the review and kind words on WATER'S BLOOD :)

I did keep some things a mystery because I wanted more items about the Fallen Angels world to be revealed throughout the series; however, you make a good point.

Thanks again!
Elaine Calloway

Cristina Oliveira disse...

Love the book! Hope to read it!

Pedacinho Literário disse...

Thank you, Elaine. It was a pleasure to read your book and I hope to discover more about the Fallen Angels later on. =)

May the odds be ever in your favour, Cristina. xD

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