sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013

Travelling along...

Travelling along with me today were two amazing books—Pivot Point by Kasie West and O menino que ninguém amava by Casey Watson.

Pivot Point is turning out to be quite surprising. I didn’t know what to expect from this one and as soon as I started reading it, I just got hooked. I can’t seem to be able to put it down! I’m totally engaged in the story and loving the whole you-have-to-make-a-choice thing. Plus, Kasie totally picked the right path for this innovative YA, showing an intelligent writing style and creative perspective.
In case you guys are unfamiliar with this book/author, Pivot Point is about a girl, Addie, who has the ability to Search into her own future every time she is faced with a choice. In that Search, she can see what would happen in case she would pick one or the other way, and after getting back to the present time, she can decide which future she likes best and then go for it. Cool, right?

O menino que ninguém amava já segue uma linha um pouco diferente. Ainda não lhe consegui pegar, embora tenha andado todo o dia comigo, mas sei que vou encontrar uma história sofredora, real e absolutamente comovente. Estou algo expectante e curiosa com esta leitura, pois sou uma enorme fã de Cathy Glass cujas obras remetem ao mesmo tema, e, por isso, quero muito iniciar este livro—o quanto antes!

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