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Wicked Valentine's Read-A-Thon - Thursday, February 7th

What I've read today: 30 pages
Total pages read so far: 30
Book/s: The Glimpse, Claire Merle
Books read so far: 0

Yesterday (Thursday) was definitely not a good reading day. I had almost no "alone" time to dedicate to a book plus I got surprised - and was forced - on a going out night. So, what ended up happening was: I was only able to read about 30 pages of the first book I picked - The Glimpse by Claire Merle.
I am enjoying it so far, the writing is not as simple as I was expecting, mainly due to being written in the third person - something I am not very used to reading in a YA fantasy/dystopian novel - but, apart from that, my curiosity is pretty high. And in addition, I took an excerpt that really captivated me and that I am going to write next for you all to read it too. =)

«He gently kissed the bottom of her thumb. She held her breath. In her mind she saw her disease oozing out of her skin where his mouth touched her and staining his lips blue; she saw it sink into his veins and mix with the blood coursing through his body. It was like a curse. He was her antidote. She was his poison.»

See why I'm so hooked on it?! Isn't this beautifully written?

Now, as for the challenge, I feel a bit embarrassed on showing you all what I wrote, but I'm going to be strong and confident and just do it!

The Love 'Ship Challenge - My Shelf Confessions

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to pick an established relationship (get it, "'ship" LOL) from any book or series and then tell me what sort of cruise they would go on - we all know there are SO many themed cruise ships, and you can make up a theme too! Where would the travel destination stops be? What fun things would they do together during the week? And best of all, explain why you chose what you chose! Essentially you are their cruise ship travel agent trying to give them the trip of a lifetime that they'll love! OH and what's the cruise ship name?

I can totally imagine Nora and Bram from Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel taking a cruise through the Gulf of Finland. The main destinations would be St. Petersburg and Tallinn, where Nora would have the opportunity to see with her own eyes some of the more popular locations in terms of political and war decisions - being a History and boy themes lover, I bet she would go crazy with such places. With the more cold weather, Bram would feel comfortable enough to go outside and enjoy the trip with his loved one, since his corpse would not boil with the heat of the sun. He would be a gentleman and engage interesting and intellectual conversations about war strategies and would totally be surprised and amazed by Nora's capacity for being different from all the other girls of her status and generation. The ship itself would be a place of ancient History. As a replica of the Titanic, both Nora and Bram would feel closer than ever, remembering such a dramatic and passionate story. As for the theme, that would be The Living-Dead Go On A Trip, a satirical premise on how scared and fragile the humans feel about the not living ones, with all the cruise crew being dressed as zombies and behaving like they were completely starving for human flesh and blood (maybe they could even dance at the sound of Michael Jackson's Thriller, on one of the dance nights!). Besides being fascinated with the history of the locations and trip itselft, Bram and Nora would go on several activities such as «walk like a zombie workshop», «don't be afraid of humans, they are suppose to be eaten not talked to lecture» and «how to dress has if you were back on the twenty-first century». For sure, they would be avoiding anything that involved water and sun or extreme heat - Bram because he would not want to look "even more decrepit" for Nora and Nora simply because she is a nice girl and likes Bram way too much. Oh, and the cruise ship name would be The Zombies Next Door.

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